General Terms of Sale & Terms of Use

In buying one of my product/service, you signify your understanding and agreement to the Terms of sale and Terms of use below (page 2).

Click “I have read and I agree” below to acknowledge that you have read the Terms of sale and Terms of use and that you agree to these terms, then you can go to the shop page:

I have read and I agree
to these Terms of sale and Terms of use, thus I will abide to these terms, go to the shop”


35 thoughts on “General Terms of Sale & Terms of Use

  1. Hello, I do not find a paypal purchase with this email, or this name. Pus, I do not have pending purchases, I already sent them all. Did you use another emai/name to buy the tool ? If so please provide the correct email.

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    • No problem. Save Wizard is a great tool. Your decrypting process is perfect. I still recommend to buy it for PS4.
      If you want to contact me, you can directly here: judith.caroline.torres (at)


  2. I have a question: I purchase a mod tool editor for resident evil darkside/umbrella chronicals’ for ps3 i thought you can just purchase it however i didn’t knew you had to make an account for it for (paypal) i asked my sister to help me get it but she needed to make the account she a receipt through her email will i enbled to use this mod tool even though she just made an account for it?


      • @K.G971 I think i will have to cancel my order and re-order it again is that alright for me to do? If not then i want my money back if i can’t use the mod tool.


  3. I don’t have anything on my PayPal at all i checked that was a complete waste of my time waiting for 2 day’s straight and spent 29 bucks I’m getting my money back not going spend money on a mod tool again.


    • Its not ON your paypal, its in your EMAIL. just check your box. Either you are trying to scam me (and you won’t succeed, trust me), or you genuinely don’t know what a damn email is ?


  4. Hi, K.G. I get the ugly glitch when I attempt to change the gender of CAW from women to men. Most of the time I crash to the desktop, however.

    I set the original gender to what they are as well in the gender change screen.


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